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South Africa

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Emerging Scholarship
South Africa

2024 Student Scholarships

The following sponsors proudly support these student scholarships, awarded annually to 5 students in their final two years of study. Recipients receive registration for the online learning of the International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC) valued at CHF 2,500, an honorary position on a FICS commission for 12 months, and a cash prize of CHF 500.

APPLICATIONS FOR SCHOLARSHIPS OPEN 1st September and close 31 October annually.

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Testimonials Student Scholarships

Soh Yi Xian, Malaysia

Testimonial 2023 Student Scholarship Winner

I am absolutely honoured to be awarded the 2023 FICS Emerging Student Scholarship. This award means a lot to me as a chiropractic student because it allows me to gain more knowledge and experience about the sports chiropractic profession from others in the FICS community as well as through the mentorship program. Moreover, this award allows me to get early exposure to the sports chiropractic profession and provides incredible networking opportunities with other sports chiropractors for the preparation of my future career in sports chiropractic. I am truly excited about the mentoring sessions and all the experiences that are associated with this award. As a chiropractic student, I believe this opportunity will greatly benefit me, and I will be able to help more people, particularly athletes all over the world.

Oleg Gonorovski, UK

Testimonial 2023 Student Scholarship Winner

My name is Oleg Gonorovski,  and I am in my last year at AECC UC Bournemouth. I am interested in sports chiropractic because, as a former elite rower, I was surrounded by sports practitioners and witnessed first-hand the positive impact they have. My dream is to always stay connected with professional sports and to help people, and sports chiropractic gives me the opportunity to do both. I want to be involved in sports chiropractic to promote the chiropractic profession within the field of healthcare.

Amy Carter, UK

Testimonial 2022 Student Scholarship Winner

It is awesome to receive one of the 2022 student scholarships. I am very grateful and excited by the opportunity to get to know and learn from others in the FICS Community. I am looking forward to starting the ICSC certificate. My particular interest is endurance and water sports so I am especially keen to work within these fields once I graduate.

Louisa Conradi, UK

Testimonial 2021 Student Scholarship Winner

Firstly, I want to thank FICS and Logan University as a sponsor for this award and the opportunity the scholarship represents. I am honored to be the successful applicant for this year’s Emerging Student Award.

I am so excited for the year ahead, especially the mentoring program and the opportunity to take this next step towards becoming a sports chiropractor. Hereby I also want to thank my lecturers at the University of South Wales and everyone who has supported me in my education and the journey towards receiving this scholarship.