Master’s Degree Scholarships

Parker University and Logan University in partnership with the Sports Chiro Foundation and FICS are pleased to Sports Chiropractic Doctors who have completed or are near completion of their International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC), an opportunity to receive a full scholarship to one of their online master’s degree programs.

Call for 2025 Scholarship applications will open in August 2024.

2024 Winners logo

Dr Athena Plakotaris

2024: Placement in Parker University’s MSHP:

 “I am immensely grateful for this wonderful opportunity I have been given. I am eager to broaden my knowledge that will add to my skill set but more importantly enable me to help, not only athletes, but  the vast community I am lucky enough to work in.

Thank you to FICS and Parker University for trusting me, and for always striving to encourage us to continue our education and to enhance the skills we have learnt. I look forward to the journey this will take me on and how it will further ignite my passion, curiosity and desire to positively impact the lives of others through chiropractic care.


2024 Winners


Dr Jorge Segall

2024: Placement in Logan University’s Masters:

First and foremost, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for being awarded this prestigious scholarship for a Masters in Sports Science and Rehabilitation at Logan University. It is truly an honor. I want to thank FICS for this great opportunity, Logan University and all the committee for selecting me. 

This scholarship will enable me to immerse deeper into this field, acquire advanced knowledge, and develop the necessary skills to make a meaningful difference in the lives of athletes and individuals seeking high quality care. I am committed to utilising this scholarship to its fullest potential, and pledge to uphold FICS name and standards.  Once again, I extend my deepest gratitude to the scholarship committee I am truly humbled and honored. 

2023 Winner


Dr Chiara Tomassoni

2023: Placement in Parker University’s MSHP:

“I feel very honoured to be granted this scholarship opportunity with Parker University. I am excited to complete the Master of Science in Strength and Human Performance to provide the highest level of evidence-based care to athletes and patients. I gratefully anticipate being able to use it to strengthen interdisciplinary relations and open doors for Sports Chiropractors in the sports medicine setting.

Thankyou for continuing to provide us with opportunities for growth, and to improve our professional and educational standards.”

2023 Winner


Dr Steven Smilstein
South Africa

2023: Placement in Logan University’s Masters:

Thank you for your consideration and approval of the 2023 Logan Scholarship. I am deeply honoured and grateful for this opportunity and hope to open a new frontier for Chiropractic education.

With this program, I am confident I can make a difference with an opportunity which could lead to me following my dream of teaching the students of the near future.

I feel that I can encourage our next generation of sports chiropractors to adapt and advance the level of education, to develop new innovations, and better understanding of biomechanical behaviours in sports activities.”

2022 Winner


Dr Chris Harris

2022: Placement in Parker University’s MSHP:

“This course exposes you to a lot of different information which you may not have been exposed to. It gives you well-rounded knowledge, and if you are a person like me who dives head first into learning, you will learn a lot from this opportunity.

For me personally, it has reinforced and provided me with much more confidence in addressing the physiology aspects of patient care and how to approach athletes that want to be more active.”

2022 Winner


Dr Kylie Vincent
New Zealand

2022: Placement in Parker University’s MSHP:

“I love this course and the opportunity it has provided me to extend my skill set within the sports medicine field. The research part has reaffirmed my knowledge and helped me fill in the gaps so I stay up-to-date with current trends.

It is helping me change my communication with patients to provide a higher level of care. I am a strong believer of lifelong education, as continuing education is super important to not only stay up-to-date within the ever-changing sports medicine field, however, it reaffirms the role of the Sports Chiropractor within athlete’s care.”